Top 5 Booty Shaping Exercises for Women

Most women suffer from the phobia of lifting weights and resistance training. They are afraid of getting bulky or ‘too big’. At the same time, most of you dream about having a nice size shapely butt. Maybe some of you do cardio for hours and diet hard to achieve that great physique. Most get disappointed and discouraged because even though they lean out they still don’t see any curves. Some desperate ladies even resort to injecting questionable substances in their bottoms to achieve a better look with those often looking terrible or even exploding causing injuries or death!

Well, here’s the good news! You can dramatically improve the look of your butt by working out. Do not dread the heavy weights because if you want a backside like Beyonce’s you will have to make friends with that iron!

The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in your body. The glutes, as they are commonly known, contain three muscles located at the back of each hip or buttock. The gluteus maximus is the largest of the group. It contributes most of the mass to your butt size. Its roles are: hip extension, lateral rotation and keeping the body in an upright position. The other two muscles in your backside are gluteus medius and gluteus miniumus which are responsible for thigh abduction and rotation. But let’s talk more about how this information can help you sculpt your butt in practice!

Just like all the muscles in your body – the glutes can grow. This is great news to all you ladies (and gentlemen) who are looking to give your booty a better, firmer shape or even increase the size. Forget implants and mysterious potions! A few smart exercises, performed consistently will seriously improve the look of your derriere!

How Much Work is it Going to Take?

According to researchers we spend so much time sitting that our glutes are very inactive(‘secretary butt’). This doesn’t mean that sitting flattens your bum so much but rather that we use the glutes so little, they become close to nonexistent. This means that doing just a bit of regular exercise will help you improve the appearance of your glutes. Since they are not used to much effort – they should react fairly quickly to hard work. But you may say – ‘I jog and do regular cardio but don’t have a round butt’.

Best Types of Exercise

Just like all the other muscles – glutes grow when subdued to weight training. The optimal range for growth is 8-12 repetitions per set and tone required more reps at a lighter weight. However, if you are new to this, start with bodyweight and increase gradually. It is always good to mix high volume with low volume.

  1. Squats

Squats are an amazing compound exercise that involves many muscles in your body. Try different variations (narrow stance, wide stance, sumo) to shape and grow your glutes. Don’t be afraid of adding some weight on to the barbell but remember – correct form first!

  1. Glute Bridges & Hip Thrusts

They are very effective and simple and can be performed anywhere.

  1. Walking Lunges

Try to contract at the top when you put your back foot back on the floor (thrust the hips forward a bit). These will work your legs and core too and are also simple and can be performed anywhere.

  1. Donkey Kickbacks

This will isolate your glutes and you will definitely feel the burn. As you perform this, focus on your mind connecting to your muscles – avoid using the leg try to feel it entirely in the glute.

  1. Deadlifts

As we already pointed out glutes are partially responsible for keeping your body upright. That’s why deadlifts will work not just your back and hamstrings but also your butt. Remember: don’t bend backwards at the top thrusting your hips forward. Keep your body straight.


Sick of seeing skinny girls who ‘work out’ but have never had even an outline of a butt? Ditch hours of cardio in favor of some smart resistance work and you will have a round but toned butt. It will also improve your posture, strength and agility in everyday life. Check out these amazing real life transformations of before and after resistance training

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