Healing Injury With Meditation

I know, I know you may be putting your skeptical face on already but since most people who have ever experienced a complicated, major or minor, chronic or life threatening disease have probably given this idea at least a brief thought, so will I. After my Kienbock’s Disease surgery (vascularised bone graft) I decided there is absolutely no reason for it not to work and if my brain can tell my legs to carry me (all 75 kilos of me at that!) everyday, if it can tell my arms and shoulders to lift half my bodyweight or more over my head for multiple reps surely it can tell my stupid ass tiny crushed up bone to get it’s butt together and start growing and pumping that blood so I can go back to lifting! Ok, now I have vented my personal anger at my injury, let’s talk more about the science behind how meditation works.

According to Dr. Albert Schweitzer witch doctors succeed for the same reason medical doctors do. Each patient is his own doctor but the doctors have to set it to work. Isn’t it true that the minute you visit a doctor or purchase your medicine, you instantly feel a relief? To support this argument let’s quote Dr. Herbert Benson of the Harvard Medical School, “We know that belief can lead to healing or at least improvement in 50 percent to 90 percent of diseases, including asthma, angina pectoris, and skin rashes, many forms of pain, rheumatoid arthritis, congestive heart failure. They’re all influenced by belief. We in medicine have made fun of belief by calling it the “placebo effect,” or insisting that “It’s all in your head.” Yet, belief is one of the most powerful healing tools we have in our therapeutic arsenal.”

But wait, if it so easy and simple why aren’t we all doing that? Do you remember The Secret by Rhonda Byrne? The power of positive thinking is so underestimated in our materialistic society that it seems like a huge secret that we can heal ourselves. So why is it so easy for us to think negative thoughts but hard to use the power of positive? One explanation is that the brain gives more attention to potential negative events as they pose a chance of danger. It stays in alert mode against potential threats and then awareness of positive aspects suddenly takes a lot more effort.

Don’t give up though! We do have the power to overcome negative thought and use the power of our minds to heal. According to the Meditation Society some steps proven to help are:

  1. In your minds eye, see aberrant or inflamed cells changing into healthy cells. If there is a damaged or corrupted area within the cells, visualize them changing and becoming free from injury. See your whole body becoming pure. Visualize yourself as perfectly healthy.
  2. There are cells within your body that act as protectors and actually attack and kill damaging invader cells. See these warrior cells destroy those cells that could cause you injury. See your whole body becoming pure. Visualize yourself as perfectly healthy.
  3. There are cells within your body that eat threatening cells. See them devour the harm causing structures. See your whole body becoming pure. Visualize yourself as perfectly healthy.
  4. Visualize groups of healthy cells combining to replace any damaged areas of your body. For instance, if you have suffered a broken bone, see the cells come together in healing, bonding together to reform a complete structure. Visualize the bone as perfectly healthy.
  5. Visualize healing energy filling you. The energy can be felt to originate from a higher power that gifts you with healing. See this holy energy filling and changing your cellular structure to a perfect condition. Watch as the specific organ, body system, or part heals. See your whole body becoming pure. Visualize yourself as perfectly healthy.
  6. Visualize yourself standing, sitting, or prostrating in front of your personal deity. See your deity heal you by touch. See your deity heal you by sending divine energy to you. See your deity end your suffering. See your whole body becoming pure. Visualize yourself as perfectly healthy.
  7. Get an anatomy book and study the body structure you want healing to take place in. Look at how the part appears when in a state of perfection. When doing a healing visualization meditation, see your body part as being in this state of perfection.
  8. If you are suffering from pain, see in your minds eye, as clearly as possible, the nerve endings that are in the specific area of your discomfort, or all of the nerve endings in your entire body. With every inhalation, feel and visualize healing air flowing from a higher power and enter you and fill your lungs. See your red blood cells absorb the air through the walls of your lungs and flow through your arteries spreading healing oxygen to every cell in your body. Witness the inflamed nerve endings become soothed and witness your body start to glow with wellbeing and serenity.

Look at the story of this fella – Dr Danny Penman who thanks to Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy not only sped up his healing after a hideous injury but has improved his life and he is now a runner.

Still not convinced? Simply try it. I sure know I will. I will report on my progress with both anxiety and Kienbock’s shortly. Please help me spread awareness of this amazing remedy by sharing this article. Peace.

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