Haters Gonna Hate | What is Fitphobia

You are wasting your time, don’t you have anything better to do? Why are you so big? Muscular women are disgusting. You’re probably on steroids….

Sounds familiar? I think most of us, gym fanatics have experienced some sort of criticism or hate. After all this incredible effort you put in day in day out all you can hear is that ‘you’re lucky’, ‘too big’ and definitely ‘on steroids’ which are most definitely going to kill you real soon! Well, first of all let’s debunk a few myths here.

Gym goers and bodybuilders are too huge, abnormal and ‘disgusting’.

Since when is any single person or a group entitled to decide what is normal. Sitting behind a desk staring at a computer screen before heading home to gulp beer or wine in front of the TV is the ‘norm’? Feeding your kids chips, candy and a glass of cola for good measure is the ‘norm’? When have we become so ignorant and judgemental? Giving others advice on healthy nutrition and sport is often frowned upon but it’s totally ‘ok’ to make fun and offend bodybuilders and other super fit people. The points many people miss are: a) it takes an extreme amount of discipline, hard work and commitment to achieve a muscular physique; b) just like everything else – aesthetic are subject to individual taste – let’s leave it there; c) bodybuilding shows are not ‘beauty pageants’ – they require a certain degree of musculature. So hating bodybuilders because they are big is like hating runners because they run! Yeah.

Muscular women are disgusting?

I think not. Firstly, it is impossible for a woman to naturally develop an extremely muscular physique. Those who bodybuild naturally have lean yet feminine shapes and sizes. The ladies who do use doping (yes, just like in every professional  competitive sport) may get bigger and those who evidently abuse steroids can certainly look manly (abuse is a whole different matter).
Also – steroids will not help anything if you don’t work super hard at the gym and eat well. They aren’t magic pills but they enhance strength which you then have to use in training.

There is no luck involved!

Genetics may play a part but at least 90% in fitness and bodybuilding is hard work.

All fitness freaks and bodybuilders love themselves and judge others.

I recently heard a morbidly obese person saying that they would never go to the gym because of all the fit people who pose and flex in front of the mirror to make him feel bad about himself. Wow, it was hard for me to believe that he actually felt that way. Then, I started remembering the fat ol’ days of mine when I did subconsciously feel similarly.

Most fit people look serious at the gym because they are focused and giving the workout their all.

They pose because they want to see well how their bodies are responding to the training. We all have our insecurities and most bodybuilders seriously don’t even notice others at the gym, never mind judging them.
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