How to Get Your Emotional Binge Eating Under Control

Emotional binge eating is a vicious cycle that could be hard to break for anyone. There are many approaches that people use to deal with the problem. There is no one single approach that one can use but the tips given below can prove very helpful in breaking the chain of emotional binge eating and finding BED treatment.
First, though it’s very important that you sit down and write down 5 things that make you binge. I don’t mean specific events but rather feelings. Next, under each one, I need you to dissect it to 3 reasons you think you experience these emotions. Do you remember an event in your life that triggered you experience these feelings?

For example:
A feeling or emotion which triggers the need to binge -> feeling lonely, abandoned
An event in my past which caused me to feel abandoned -> partner infidelity, divorce

Try to go into some detail, create a ‘tag cloud’ with all the words you associate with the feeling. Next, close your eyes and remember the last time you binged. Did it make you feel good? Happy? Loved? Once you were done, how did you feel? What did you experience looking in the mirror? Happiness? Comfort? Again, write down all the feelings you associate with that very event.

Last binge made me feel: worse, guilty, sad

experienced: guilt, resentment, hope to do better next time, etc.

If you analyze these feelings before you binge, they may put you off. You have done this before and you DO know it NEVER helps.

Now, find a distraction, a productive one. Go for a walk, run, cycle. Take a yoga class, meet a friend. Go get your hair/nails done. They key here is to take initiative and this isn’t easy for BED sufferers. Usually BED comes with a wide range of emotional issues that make you feel the need for self- destructive behavior. You refuse to take action to feel better. Sometimes this is all you know, your safety blanket. It is you and you alone who can break this vicious cycle.


Don’t diet or restrict

People suffering from emotional binge eating resort to strict diets with the hope that they will be able to deal with the problem. Unfortunately, this only fuels the fire of binge eating. Eliminating certain foods from the diet or getting rid of some macronutrients will not help at all. Focus on eating what’s good for you, what fuels your body and provides vitamins and minerals. This will be your first step to learning intuitive eating. Do not label foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Avoid perfectionism

There are people who end up binging because they try to be perfect in their eating habits. The favorite excuse for a BED sufferer is: I’ve already had a piece of chocolate, may as well have another 5 bars! Sounds kind of funny? Well this was my reality for a good few years. It doesn’t matter, you eat a piece, enjoy it, move on to other activities.

Don’t obsess about your weight

Unless you are morbidly obese and your weight is an immediate threat to your life, please forget about losing weight. Weight is not your issue. BED is your issue and weight gain is the symptom. Once you’ve dealt with your illness which is the cause of all your other issues, the weight will go. Be happy first, get your dream body later. Trust the process of getting better, it is your priority.

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